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Color Detection

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Technology with RGB Color Sensor compare the color intensity. Adjust the lighting to suit the environment. Each piece Color Detection to Isolation (good / bad detector).

Sherra Inspection Carpet Inspection Pebble Inspection Chicken Inspection Steel Coat Inspection Bottle Glass Inspection Battery Plate Inspection


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Technology Optical Character Verification (OCV) as compared to the comparison of the underlying carefully to separate parts as standard.

Print Inspection Logo Inspection Gloves Inspection Label on Pad Inspection


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Optical Character Recognition (OCR)  is simultaneously machine-readable and human-readable text. Common industries and applications include date/lot tracking on pharmaceutical or food packaging,  document handling applications, reading serial numbers in automotive or electronics applications,

Resistors Inspection Thermometer Inspection Character Thai Inspection Reading 7Segment Inspection


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Technology to find and compare the prototype Whether advantage for the automotive industry as a logo cap for comparison with the letters on the lens.

Car Boiler Inspection Lens Circle Inspection

Barcode Reader

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Barcode technology to help facilitate such trade by bringing the bar code attached to the product pages. In order to store the name and price of the product. Or the management of inventory. Assist in the monitoring of inventory quickly and accurately.

2D Barcode Inspection


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The object technology This facilitates inventory management. Number of items per day And helps to determine the amount of inventory quickly and accurately.

Gasket Inspection Timber Inspection Cigarette Inspection Carborundum Inspection